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How many times have you told yourself, "Someday I'm going to build a '69 Camaro."  You have a vision for that great looking F Body that can do it all, accelerate, corner, and stop.  Unfortunately, piecing together a street machine in your own garage is not likely to happen anytime soon, especially considering lack of time, space, and equipment. 

The thought of having someone build you a car has crossed your mind, but you've heard enough disaster stories of bad workmanship, overpricing, and unmet expectations. The shop that builds your muscle car would have to have an awesome reputation for quality, while being affordable with definite prices.  The last thing you want to do is hand some unknown shop your open checkbook.     

If your goal has always been a built '69 Camaro Z28...  your color...  your specs... that street machine that defines what you like and what you know looks righteous, we will build it for you.  Introducing the Touring Machines from Route 66 Motorsports.  For a price you can trust, the professionals at Route 66 Motorsports will build a stunning Pro Touring Camaro starting at $79,995 for the Touring Machine Stage 1. Bring us your solid donor 1967 to 1969 first generation Camaro, or your '70 to '73 Camaro, and we will create a cutting edge, canyon carving street machine that will be combine high performance driving pleasure with the kind of safety, comfort, and reliability you've come to expect from any late model performance sedan.  If you don't have a solid donor car to build, we will locate one for you. 

Route 66 Motorsports is the hot rod shop you've been looking for. Though our Turnkey Touring Machines are a new program at Route 66, we are not new to the car hobby.  We've been featured in many national car magazines, we've won numerous awards, and we love cars. Our reputation is far too important to us.  We build cars that are safe, reliable, cool, and fast.  We are up front with our pricing, and refuse to overcharge our customers.  We understand that high standards are a big part of everything in your life, especially when it comes to driving your own high performance street car.  Bringing some half baked, clapped together ten year old pretender repaint to the local cruise night, or the cross country Power Tour has little appeal to you.

Take a look at the packages available to you at Route 66 Motorsports.  By the way, if you want to build a car that is not based on a Camaro, we've done just about any brand car, and we can give you an honest price and work together with you to draw up a proposal.

-Pro Touring 66 Stage 1  
-Turnkey Touring Machine Stage 1
-Turnkey 66 Stage 1
-Turnkey Stage 1
-Touring Machine Stage 1

Bring us your solid driver Camaro, and we'll completely disassemble the car for a complete, rotisserie build.  The award winning crew will paint the car the OEM color of your choice with OEM Z28 stripes.  From the point of a completely restored body, we will install Heidt's state of the art Front Subframe that features Heidts Tubular Control Arms, Coilovers, and Rack and Pinion Steering.  At the rear, we will install Heidts Four Link Coilover Suspension to round out the package.  Four wheel disc brakes will complete the chassis for an excellent handling, high performance cruising experience that will leave you with a sense of a car that is a better platform than the original.

The Stage 1 package includes a Chevrolet 350/330 horsepower crate engine with a brand new 350 Trans mated to a 3.55 posi rear.  Known for our modern, purpose built interiors, the cabin of your Stage 1 Camaro will feature ProCar seats, Autometer gauges, Ididit tilt steering column, and custom console.  Of course, creature comforts like air conditioning and CD stereo system will make for an incredible cruiser at a bargain price.   

-Pro Touring 66 Stage 2 
-Turnkey Touring Machine Stage 2
-Turnkey 66 Stage 2
-Turnkey Stage 2
-Touring Machine Stage 2

Stepping up to a Stage 2 package will graduate you to an LS2 Chevy crate motor and your choice of 4L60E  or five speed manual Tremec transmission.  Included will be power windows and locks, keyless entry, upgraded DVD stereo system, upgraded suspension pieces, and the Rally Sport front grille treatment.  Custom colors and interior fabrics, larger wheel and tire package, plus more aggressive braking system round out this step into high tech land. 

-Pro Touring 66 Stage 3 
-Turnkey Touring Machine Stage 3
-Turnkey 66 Stage 3
-Turnkey Stage 3
-Touring Machine Stage 3
Let's Price it Out!

The Turnkey Stage 3 Package is for those who demand an elite, award winning car with custom fabrication, outrageous drivetrain, and big time wow factor. For those who are interested in building something very unique, we can install any number of engine options, including Pro Charger style big block motors in the area of 1,200 horsepower or more.  You want the ultimate street machine, step up the Turnkey Stage 3.  You want to compete in the Goodguys Street Machine of the Year competition, we're in.  We have a long list of magazine feature cars that demonstrate our final product.  We can produce a professional quality rendering from which to build your one off Stage 3 killer Camaro.  Tell us what you want, at Route 66 Motorsports, we'll build it.

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